New Moon in Gemini

On June 3 our summer skies darken, stealing all visibility of the face of the moon from Earth. These events are powerful as they represent a time when our slates are wiped clean. Energy is still being formed, making it a perfect opportunity to set your intentions for the month. Today’s new moon is full of Gemini curiosity. Gemini finds its home in the third house, otherwise known as the House of Communication. The third house mantra is, “I think”. This is where we discover our voice. It’s also where we become students, discovering how to learn and process information, and then go on to form our own opinions. This represents a period to ask the right questions of yourself, so you can better voice your ideas to the world.

This particular new moon is significant in the way it forms an opposition to Jupiter, creating an even larger thirst for knowledge. You’re seeking new adventures, anxious to start projects, and drawn to more social settings than usual. Be careful not to overextend yourself. The sign of the twins will make you think you can be in two places at once, but you may end up taking on more than you can handle. Gemini’s ability to communicate effectively will help in areas involving writing, speaking, and education.

New Moons are a powerful time to manifest your dreams. Remember to write down your goals and set time aside to consider all you’d like to achieve this month.

The new moon will affect the house where Gemini resides in your birth chart. Read your Ascendant, Sun, and Moon signs for a complete picture.

Aries- The way you communicate is being lit up under this new moon. In the past, you may have felt like you were operating in circles, and you want to be on a clear path to the end goal. Remember to think before you speak. Engage with others from a place of creativity and innovation. You’re bound to stand apart from the crowd.

Taurus- New beginnings are being planted in your house of wealth and values. Now is the time to focus on building new sources of revenue. Learn from the past in order to draw wealth to your future. Ask the universe to bring you the right income streams. Envision your perfect numbers.

Gemini- New beginnings are happening in your first house, which rules the self. This is about taking a new direction, stepping into bigger shoes, figuring out your role along your path to success. It’s also a great time for makeovers or any change of appearance.

Cancer- Everything hidden is coming to light. Big revelations are suddenly crystal-clear. Allow yourself to receive the messages coming your way. Nothing is a coincidence.

Leo- This new moon is shedding light on your network, friendships, and sense of community. You may be considering projects that require lots of assistance. While you’re usually a leader, this period in your life requires collaboration. You must learn to find your place within the pack.

Virgo- New opportunities await in your career house, Virgo. It’s time to step into a new role, even if taking the leap scares you. Follow your heart.

Libra- If you’ve been considering educational opportunities, now is the time to take them. Whatever training or classes you need will influence your life in great ways.

Scorpio- New opportunities are being brought to your life, allowing for deep change and transformation. It’s not always easy, but if you want to manifest your dreams, you must do the internal work.

Sagittarius- This new moon is calling for more effective communication within your relationships. Often, it’s difficult for you to sit down and have meaningful conversations. You’d rather keep life fun and lighthearted. But now is your chance to speak up. Say what needs to be said.

Capricorn- New beginnings in terms of work, health, and service to others will come to light, Capricorn. Your day-to-day routines are weighing on your mind. This is a great time to implement those changes you’ve been considering.

Aquarius- Lately, it’s been all work and no play. Romance is on your mind, Aquarius. It’s time to draw from sources of passion and inspiration. It’s time to go out and have fun.

Pisces- All things related to home, household, and family members are being affected. Communication is an important factor, especially when navigating your domestic life. Make sure you’re being clear about any of your concerns.

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