New Moon in Aries

A new moon is when the sky is at its darkest, when the energies are still brewing, and what is coming is still hidden. As we leave the murky Pisces energies behind, we’re also leaving old karma behind. On April 5, we have a new moon in Aries, marking the dawn of a new era. Everything about this period calls for rebirth, new beginnings, and new chapters. It’s time to leave the past behind and look to the future. No sign understands moving forward better than Aries. It’s why the spring equinox and the new astrological year begin during Aries season. The universe has turned over your ignition and is asking you to put yourself into drive, but you can’t go anywhere unless you have a destination in mind.

Aries finds its home in the first house, otherwise known as the House of Self. This is where we discover our individuality, ambitions, and passions. Or put more simply, it’s where you discover who you are. So, who are you? Or maybe the better question is—who do you want to be? It’s time to uncover your perfect destination.

Today is a great day to create a vision board, write a business plan, or make a list of goals for the year. New moons are a powerful time to set intentions because the energy is still raw. As you outline your goals, keep bloodstone, citrine and carnelian near you. These stones will align your vibration with the Aries new moon by sparking your motivation, boosting your creativity, and helping you keep your goals stable so the driving energy of Aries can work its purpose.

The new moon will affect the house where Aries resides within your birth chart. Read your Ascendant, Sun, and Moon signs for a complete picture.


The new moon is happening within your sign, and the revelations you experience will be intense. You’ve been working on creating a new version of yourself—now you’re ready to implement the necessary changes. Remember to set your intentions. There is no looking back!


A subconscious awakening is happening under the influence of this new moon, Taurus. This energy is allowing you to see what couldn’t be seen previously, gifting you with an almost psychic awareness about what lies ahead. Use the information wisely.


Your network, friendships, and sense of community are evolving. New people enter your life just as old relationships fall away. Take the time to build the right tribe. It’s important that you feel supported.


Your career is headed in a new direction. Set your goals and intentions now as the universe guides you along a new path. Consider how you want to present yourself to the world.


Education, travel, and expansion of the mind will be influenced by this new moon. You may find yourself getting new training or traveling more, and it will only benefit you. Whatever opportunities come your way during this period will lead to greater success in the long run.


Finances are under the spotlight during this new moon, Virgo. That investment you’ve been eyeing? Now’s the time to act. Plant your seeds and watch them grow. Financial harmony is with you on this one.


Changes are highlighted in your house of partnerships, Libra. A new romance may blossom or perhaps you will link up with a new business partner. Remember to set healthy goals for your relationships and to let the toxic people in your life fall away.


Now is a good time to implement a new diet, fitness plan, or other daily routines. The new moon is putting a spotlight on your health and well-being. Make sure you set yourself up for success by planning ahead.


The new moon is shedding light on your house of creativity, children, and romance. Now is the time to give birth to new ideas and projects. Allow your inner artist to shine. Focus on the things that give you joy.


Your home and family life are headed in new directions, Capricorn. Perhaps you’re considering a move, renovation, or adding a new addition to your family. This is a great time to make plans for the future and put them into action. The seeds you plant now will grow for years to come.


This is a turning point in relation to communication, transportation, siblings, and your own personal network or tribe. Information is coming in which has the power to send you in a new direction. This is a chance to network and blast your voice. Remember to branch that voice out into purposeful directions.


Money has been on your mind, Pisces. In the past, your pursuits have been all over the place. This new moon is giving you a chance to build new sources of solid revenue. Consider your long-term goals. Whatever you’ve been considering, now is your chance to act.

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