FULL MOON in LIBRA (April 19 2019)

Full moons indicate culminations, highlight opposing forces, and they show where events reach their peak. What’s interesting about this particular full moon is the repeated themes of endings and new beginnings from last month’s full moon, which fell at 0° of Libra. This one falls at 29° degrees of Libra. When both the earliest and latest degrees of any sign appear, it’s an indication of significant life changes taking place. Because the sun is in conjunction with electrifying Uranus, don’t be surprised if these changes happen suddenly or in surprising ways.

You can count this full moon affecting your close relationships. Libra rules over romantic partners, friendships, business partners, and anyone you interact with on a daily basis. New relationships may transpire, just as old ones fall to the wayside. Allow yourself to be open to new possibilities and don’t cling to the past. It’s time to expand your horizons, and allow for better, more fulfilling relationships to enter your life.

As the full moon is ruled by Venus, the universal energies are giving you the perfect opportunity to tap into the divine feminine spirit. You can amplify the effects of the full moon by aligning your own energy with the cosmos. Surround yourself with rose quartz to manifest unconditional love. Tap into your feminine side with Venusian activities, especially those related to beauty and self-care. On the night of the full moon, pamper yourself with a long soak in your tub.

These products are the perfect addition to the night’s energy:

  • Divine Feminine Bath Soak. A rose quartz and herbal bath to soak, release and recharge.
  • Hibiscus + Rose Lunar Body Oil. Use as a body oil, bath oil or meditation oil. Place a few drops on your wrist and heart centre or simply massage into your skin to surround yourself with the energy of love.

Most importantly, remember to keep the Libran sense of calm, especially when faced with unexpected changes. The universe is asking for compassion and wisdom, both for yourself and for others. Libra never makes rash decisions, which is why its symbol is evoked from the scales.

Every decision is weighed carefully in order to create the balance that life is often missing. Keep this in mind as you face your own heavy decisions. The full moon will affect the house where Libra resides within your birth chart.

Read your Ascendant, Sun, and Moon signs for a complete picture.


The demands of your relationships require a balancing act. Consider your own needs and desires. Do you feel fulfilled? Are you fulfilling the needs of your relationship? Neither side of the Libran scales should outweigh the other. There must be equal give and take.


The full moon affects your daily routine, health, and co-workers. Your schedule is going through an overhaul of adjustments. Make sure you implement healthy, productive changes.


This full moon is hitting your fifth house of fun. It’s time to let loose and enjoy yourself, Gemini. You may even find yourself caught up in a new romance!


The full moon is lighting up your fourth House of Home and Family. As a Cancer, you naturally gravitate toward fulfilling these needs, but sometimes the emotional demands become overwhelming. Allow the balanced clear-headed nature of the Libran energy to guide you.


The areas of your life involving communication, transportation, and siblings are affected during this powerful full moon. Remember to use your voice wisely as your lion roar is more ferocious than usual. Libra’s wise judgment will help you to weigh decisions and communicate effectively.


The energy of this full moon is highlighting your resources and values. What’s important to you? Consider what holds meaning in your life. You’re being guided to keep and build on what’s matters most.


This full moon will be more intense since it’s happening in your sign. You are shedding your skin, letting go of the old version of yourself. It may feel bittersweet as you try to move forward. This energy is both helping you say goodbye as well as helping with the creation of the new “you”.


Energy is opening up communication from the spiritual world, raising your frequency. Allow yourself plenty of solitude as you tune into the messages coming your way. Pay attention to your dreams. Write in your journal. Look for meaning and spiritual guidance. There is a shift happening within your subconscious. What is it saying to you?


Hard work and perseverance is starting to pay off, Sagittarius. Make sure you take a moment to celebrate. Connect with friends. Network with co-workers. Consider your goals for future projects. The full moon’s energy supports your visions for the future.


You may find yourself in the spotlight during this full moon, Capricorn. People are starting to recognize your talents and commitment. You have a lot to offer. You may be given more work and responsibilities than usual. Don’t freeze under the pressure. Remain confident in your abilities. You’ve got this!


An experience involving education, training, or legal matters is being highlighted. You now have the knowledge to move along your desired path. Put your past behind you and focus on the future.


This full moon speaks volumes about transformation and coming full circle, Pisces. It’s time to swim in new waters and allow yourself to chase after your dreams. You can only do this if you leave the past behind you.


Image by Katelyn Morse

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